About Us

Help create moments of joy.

    • the joy of a child receiving a gift
    • the joy of a parent being able to give
    • the joy of a donor helping out
    • the joy of a charity providing for the needy
    • the joy of a corporation giving back
How can you help?

Setup your Christmas toy appeal with Simply Giving - Australia's most used & trusted online toy drive facility.

Why online?

Online toy drives are easier & more efficient than ever.
Other benefits?
How does it work?

We Give You the Online Tools
We create an ecommerce website (FREE of charge) that is tailored to your branding requirements and incorporates your appeal terminology. Based on your needs, you choose from thousands of toys & gifts what appears on your website. Donors can then browse, select and donate an actual toy or gift to your appeal. Click here to see an example

We Manage the Process
We manage the online donation process ensuring secure, safe online transactions, handling all donor enquiries and allowing donors to donate quickly and efficiently. With live reporting and auto emails you will have up to the minute data on what’s been donated and from whom.  

We Handle the Logistics
The entire warehousing, sorting and transporting needs, normally associated with a toy drive campaign, are handled by us. We work with you in dispatching the best suited toys & gifts, to the locations you require at the times most convenient for you … anywhere around Australia.

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