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As Australia’s most used and trusted online toy drive facility, Simply Giving makes the process of charity and donation easier than ever. 

Simply Giving was born out of the realisation that Christmas appeal donations, while well-intentioned, end up being inefficient. Items that are donated usually need to be unwrapped, checked to see if they are safe, and even disposed of if they are deemed inappropriate.   

The creators of Simply Giving recognised that these traditional Christmas appeals need to be more simple and focus around the key benefit: giving a gift to a child. Simply Giving was created to provide a platform to connect those who want to help, with those who need help. 

Anyone who wants to give can now easily gift toys this Christmas without fuss, supporting the charity toy drive of their choosing while making a difference to those in need.

How does Simply Giving benefit you?

For individuals:  Make a difference to a child in need by donating online, quickly and efficiently. 

For charities:  Save on logistical costs and resources, making sure that donations are making the biggest impact for those who need it. 

For corporates:  Engage your employees and make the most of your online toy drive using a quick and efficient process. 

How does Simply Giving actually work?

We aim to make the process of giving efficient and convenient, and reduce wastage and resources that are typically taken up by physical toy appeals. We partner with charities, corporates and individuals to improve and facilitate the mechanics of giving toys to those most in need by:

Offering a huge catalogue of toys that can be tailored to each appeal, so the charity is only receiving the toys they want and need;

Managing the online donation process through a secure website facility, allowing individuals to donate quickly and efficiently; 

Managing the logistics and shipping process. All the charity has to do is decide on the drop-off location. 

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